• Novelty: Rosita Purple Rose

    Novelty: Rosita Purple Rose

    Miracle Flowers introduces the new variety Rosita Purple Rose. A beautiful, strong flower with a special color! This type is available all spring and summer.

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  • Summer range with Rosita's

    Summer range with Rosita's

    The summer range of Miracle Flowers offers a beautiful palette of colors. From now on we also have Rosita White and Blue in our offer. Rosita Green is available from mid July.

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  • Rosita White back in range

    Rosita White back in range

    Recently, Rosita White was reintroduced into our range. Rosita replaces the Celeb White variety, because of the larger flowers and an even better durability.

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  • Novelty lisianthus: Odina Misty Blue

    Novelty lisianthus: Odina Misty Blue

    Exclusively at Miracle Flowers from this week on: Odina Misty Blue. This new variety is a double flowered lisianthus with firm petals and a lovely blue color.

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  • Visit us on the Trade Fair

    Visit us on the Trade Fair

    From 4 t / m November 6 Miracle Flowers will be present at the Trade Fair in Aalsmeer. You can find us in the stand of Decorum Flowers (no. 6.1) located in the Bloemenhal.

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  • Renewed brochure assortment

    Renewed brochure assortment

    Miracle Flowers has updated its product brochure.

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  • Flowers Expo Moscow big success

    Flowers Expo Moscow big success

    This year Miracle Flowers participated by about fifteen exporters and forty growers from the Netherlands in the Flowers Expo Moscow. The leading trade fair for Eastern European flowers and plant traders took place this year from 17 to 19 September and attracted more than 13,000 visitors.

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  • Fall trends Lovelylisi

    Fall trends Lovelylisi

    Lovelyisi, the promotion label of the joint lisianthus growers, launched a new fall brochure.

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  • Brochure new varieties

    Brochure new varieties

    Miracle Flowers proudly presents its new brochure containing among other things, the new Corelli.

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  • First prize Corelli Apricot

    First prize Corelli Apricot

    Last week Miracle Flowers won the first prize with her new lisianthus variety Corelli Apricot.

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  • New magazine with lisianthus inspiration

    Update for the website for lisianthus is online.
    We decide to change the name from lovelylisi into lisianthus.nl.
    There is a new magazine online, check this out for new inspiration!!!

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  • Flowers Expo Moscow 2013

    Flowers Expo Moscow 2013

    Flowers Expo Russia

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  • Movie lisianthus with flowerfood

    Movie lisianthus with flowerfood

    Much better vaselife lisianthus

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  • Better quality lisianthus with heavier exposure

    Better quality lisianthus with heavier exposure

    Miracle Flowers has recently invested in further improving the quality of its lisianthus. The artificial lighting has been expanded, which results in a better quality and more beautiful lisianthus.

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  • Miracle on Flowers Flowers Expo in Moscow

    Miracle on Flowers Flowers Expo in Moscow

    This week Miracle Flowers participates with a stand at the FlowersExpo in Moscow.

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  • New varieties

    New varieties

    Two new varieties have been added to the range of Miracle Flowers. Arena Light Pink is a very light pink doubleflowered lisianthus. Croma Lavender Improved is a doubleflowered Lavender, with harder flowerpetals and more opened flowers.

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  • Lisianthus on Christmas fair in Frankfurt

    Lisianthus on Christmas fair in Frankfurt

    Christmas World 2012

    The joint Dutch lisianthus growers recently presented themselves with Lovelylisi at the International Christmas exhibition Christmas World 2012 in Frankfurt.

    Lovelylisi received much attention by the product presentation in white igloo tents (domes), in which lisianthus was presented in many colors and types. The flowers appeared to be a real eye-catcher and got lots of attention from visitors.

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  • Add cut flower food

    Add cut flower food

    Starting this week, Miracle Flowers will add flower food, Florissant 330, to the buckets in which the lisianthus is transported.

    For years Dutch growers are working to improve the shelf life of lisianthus. Adding flower food immediately after harvesting contributes to this. Cut flower food prolongs the shelf life by an average of 7 days.

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  • New sleeve with Qr-code

    New sleeve with Qr-code

    As from today Miracle Flowers will wrap her lisianthus in a new sleeve that carries her own logo. The sleeve features a 2D code (or QR code), which enables buyers (intermediaries and retailers) to trace grower of the lisianthus.

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  • Promotional material lisianthus available

    Promotional material lisianthus available

    The joined Dutch lisianthus growers developed promotional materials to intermediaries. There are billboards, posters and leaflets available. Those who are interested can call (0174) 44 35 57.

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  • Lisianthus for TV program Martijn Krabbé

    Lisianthus for TV program Martijn Krabbé

    Miracle Flowers, together with a number of lisianthus growers, delivered flowers for a campaign promoting lisianthus. The campaign is to deliver flowers to the new Dutch TV show 'Martijn staat op straat' by Martijn Krabbé, is broadcast every Tuesday in November.

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  • Exclusive varieties Miracle Flowers

    Exclusive varieties Miracle Flowers

    The breeding of new varieties lisianthus is and remains an important mission of Miracle Flowers. For the coming year the following varieties are available exclusively by us:

    - Apricot Arena (available from January 2012)
    - Arena Pink Flash (available March 2012)
    - Carice Lavender (available from April 2012)
    - Arena Blue Picotee (available from June 2012)
    - Arena Light Pink (available from June 2012)
    - Cessna Red (available from October 2012)

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